Visa Run Transport Service

Our visa run transport service is a road trip from Dubai to Oman border and back (also known as “Oman Visa Run”) for those eligible customers who want to exit UAE for either renewal of visit visa or change in status of visa.


Standard Visa Run

Our standard visa run service is a fast & economical service.
We pickup our customers from designated pickup location and drive to Oman border in an immaculate & air conditioned 12-seater van. After visa renewal/status change we drive our customers back to Dubai and drop off at designated location.

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Executive Visa Run

Our Executive visa run service aims to provide comfort and ease where the whole 12-seater van or a luxury sedan can be booked for an executive visa run trip. In this case the customer plans the trip as per his/her requirement.

  • Pickup and drop-off from your desired location within Dubai.
  • Take a break wherever you want.
  • AND YES, it probably saves time at the border post as compared to standard run.

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Below are the categories and list of countries whose passport holders are eligible for Oman Visa Run service:

VISA RENEWAL (For renewal of tourist visa for 39 days)

1. Andorra
2. Argentina - 90 Days
3. Australia
4. Brazil - 90 Days
5. Brunei
6. Canada
7. Chile - 90 Days
8. China
9. Hong Kong
10. Ireland
11. Japan
12. Malaysia

CANCELLED VISA LETTER (Changing status from UAE residence visa to tourist visa)

1. Andorra
2. Argentina
3. Australia
4. Austria
5. Belgium
6. Brazil
7. Brunei
8. Bulgaria
9. Canada
10. Chile
11. China
12. Croatia
13. Cyprus
14. Czech Republic
15. Denmark

UAE ENTRY PERMIT (Status change from UAE tourist visa and to get your entry permit stamped for UAE residence visa)

1. Andorra
2. Argentina
3. Australia
4. Austria
5. Belgium
6. Bolivia
7. Brazil
8. Brunei
9. Bulgaria
10. Canada
11. Chile
12. China
13. Colombia
14. Croatia
15. Cyprus